Buying the best gaming monitor can be a very overwhelming process. In fact, if you do not understand the components that you are going to look for, you may end up in a big disappointed. This problem can arise whenever you try installing your games and find out that they cannot be played. Another problem regarding the graphics display can also disappoint thus making gaming experience not pleasurable.

For that matter, a good gaming monitor needs a lot more than the standard hardware components. Therefore, for you to get the best monitor in the market, you need to be sure of whatever you are going to look for. You should have the right information in order to make the right choice that will have a value to your money. With this regard, the information below will guide you in making an informed decision when purchasing a gaming monitor.

Response rate

blue monitorThe response rate of the gaming computer is a very important factor when shopping for one. The response time is the time that is taken by an individual pixel to respond to the change of color. When it takes more time than the regular rate, you will definitely experience an aspect called ghosting.” Actually, this is the period that a picture shows on the screen. Ensure that the response rate of your gaming monitor is at least eight milliseconds. Pixel response time also affects the quality of the projected images. Without considering this factor, you will experience poor pictures and a lot scratches on your screen making a bad gaming experience.

Ergonomic options

When buying an appliance or any other device that is handled by hands, you should consider the ergonomics factor. Many gaming monitors provide the ability of screen tilting. This tilting usually takes about thirty degrees to the back and at least five degrees to the front. This will ensure that you are comfortable when gaming using your monitor. It is good also if you consider buying a monitor that has a swivel feature and height adjustment knob. You can as well consider a panel that provides a pivot between the portrait and the landscape modes. This helps to make websites and legal-size documents to be viewed without much straining.


Different types of monitors possess different aspects of image resolution. Therefore, you should not miss taking a close examination of the resolution of the gaming monitor that you are about to purchase. A good gaming monitor should have a high image resolution for quality image projection. Simply consider buying a gaming monitor that has a high resolution.

The size of the monitor

small monitorThe size of gaming monitors matters a lot. Therefore, you should not miss an inch. Before buying ensure that the monitor suits your personal needs. Usually, most gaming monitors range between fifteen inches and twenty-three inches. However, most people prefer the seventeen-inch monitors. You should, therefore, buy a monitor that is big enough to meet your gaming needs. You should also consider the size of the room that you are going to place your gaming monitor. If you need more info, then check out best gaming monitor reviews to learn more.