Most guitarists, whether they play acoustic or electric guitars, have their personal collection of gadgets and accessories that help them play better and maintain their instruments. The most widely used and popular accessories are there to help them change strings quickly, achieve a unique sound, control the guitar, and perform better in general. If you are curious as to which acoustic guitar accessories you should choose, keep reading this article, as we will go over some of the most popular ones.


guitarOf course, without the strings, a guitar is practically useless. They are considered as one of the major guitar accessories, which can directly influence the sound and style of play. When looking for the strings, you should pay attention to a few factors. For starters, take into consideration the thickness or the gauge, as well as the materials. For acoustic guitars, the best options are strings with 80/20 bronze (for a brighter sound), and phosphor bronze strings ( for a warmer sound).

String cutters

Winders and string cutters are pretty much essential for those that change their strings often. Guitar strings are very often much longer than the guitar itself. If you want to avoid them hanging around the tuning pegs, make sure to cut the excess with string cutters.


Another useful gadget for any acoustic guitar player is, without a doubt, a humidifier. Acoustic guitars are mainly made from multiple pieces of thin wood, which can easily warp or crack due to extremely dry conditions. However, by maintaining proper humidity within your guitar storage area, you will successfully avoid this kind of damage. Therefore, the best way to preserve proper humidity uses an affordable and quality humidifier.

A stand

Regardless of whether you play an acoustic or an electric guitar, having a stand is seen as a must by almost any guitarist out there. Many guitar beginners tend to put their guitars against the walls or cabinets, which considerably increases the risk of them being damaged. While you can leave your guitar in your guitar case, keep in mind that you will constantly have to take the guitar out of it and put it back, which can also cause some wear and tear to the instrument. If you want to avoid all that hassle, make sure to get a simple and practical guitar stand. With it, the risk of your guitar falling and suffering damage will be brought to a minimum.


guitarIf you have a guitar with a pickup and an amplifier, you will need guitar cables, of course. Even though pickups are mainly associated with electric guitars, there are plenty of acoustic guitars that feature pickups and which can also be amplified. Therefore, if you have a guitar that features a pickup, make sure to grab some proper cables, so as to connect it to an amplifier.

When making your purchase, pay attention to the length of the cable and the end pieces. When it comes to the end pieces, there are configurations where both ends have a 90-degree angle, where one end has an angle while the other is straight, and where both are straight. To make the best purchase, get the cables whose length and configuration best suit your needs.