The Best Action Films Ever

When you are making a top ten list about anything, there is going to be debate as to what or who belongs on the list as well as where the proper place on the list is for each of them. With this in mind, here is a list of the Top Ten Action Movies of All Time. While you may be able to argue about which one goes where and suggest another movie should take the place of one of these, there is no denying that each of these are among the greatest movies ever.

Enter The Dragon/1973fier

This is an epic action film starring Bruce Lee. It was the last film he starred in it’s entirety due to his unexpected and untimely death that occurred during the filming of Game of Death. The action and fight scenes were some of the best sequences ever made in a martial arts film.

True Lies/1994

This action/comedy film starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a secret agent who’s wife, played by Jamie Lynn Curtis, was oblivious to the actual life her husband was leading. There is a bevy of amazing action sequences in the movie including an astonishing bridge explosion and a chase through the city on horseback.

Lethal Weapon/1987

While there were many sequels to this action adventure, none could compare to the original. Mel Gibson playing the crazy police officer Martin Riggs and Danny Glover as his partner Roger Murtaugh turned out to be two of the classic characters of all-time in this genre of film. The many action sequences and performances make this nothing short of an action classic.

The Road Warrior/1981

vdoAnother classic starring Mel Gibson was this sequel to Mad Max. Savage gangs ruled a post-apocalyptic planet and supplied an action-packed movie that was engaging from beginning to end. Some of the most daring stunt and driving escapades ever were captured in the final chase scene.

The Empire Strikes Back/1980

While not typically classified as an action film, this inclusion in the Star Wars series featured the battle between Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker, along with the Hoth battle and the sequence of the asteroid field, making it hard to leave a list of all time best action films.

The Matrix/1999

This action film won many Oscars and brought to the screen a new era of cinematography. The complex story line along with the multitude of special effects makes this one of the most talked about action films of all time.

Terminator 2/1991

This sequel to Terminator was packed with action sequences from beginning to end. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic Terminator role was rivaled by his enemy played by Robert Patrick, and from the breakout of Sarah O’Connor from the hospital to the battle at the steel foundry, the special effects and action scenes throughout the entire production make this a film for the ages.


With Sigourney Weaver playing heroine Ellen Ripley once again, this is a movie that is still considered one of the scariest and most exciting of our time. The epic battle at the end of the movie is only one of the action scenes that renders this an unforgettable action classic.

Die Hard/1988

If you are a fan of action films, Bruce Willis playing the 48653645htpart of police officer John McClane is likely one of your favorite characters no matter what Diehard movie you think of, but the original is truly a classic. The film not only featured unforgettable action sequences but also included humor and a great plot, making this not only one of the top action movies of all time but likely one of the top movies of any genre.

Raiders of The Lost Ark/1981

Harrison Ford probably wouldn’t have believed the franchising that his Indiana Jones character and this movie would bring about. Some of the action scenes and special effects look just as good today as they did when they were originally released, and spawned a new generation of action adventures that would have never been produced without the release of this action classic.