Over the years, the majority of healthy celebs have graced covers of Women and Lifestyle magazines. These celebs share their tips on how they have mastered everything from routine workouts to dieting. However, if you are a foodie, there down-to-earth and honest celeb diet tricks can be of help to you. This post explores tips, which make healthy eating yummier, simpler, and more doable.


Take care of how you look

It is true a lot of guys care about how they lookwoman with yellow bikini in their birthday suit. This means that less eating and more sweating. According to celebrities, you will need to be prepared for this if you want to lose weight and build lean muscle. You should be ready to take the sacrifices even if it means not eating the whole day.

Understanding the task you have

Celebs know it is not easy to shed extra pounds. However, they seem to be doing so quickly than an average person can for. Think of the pressure on celebrities they feel in ensuring they look great. In fact, most of these stars have faced the challenge of the one you are facing.

Although walking and jogging some miles every week is recommended for most people, celebs do this very easy. In fact, celebrities are usually tasked to meet outrageous results like shedding over 20 pounds in a month. They have to lose so as to fit a new role in the upcoming film. The demand for quick results makes celebrities drastic and creative with their weight loss tricks.

Weight loss supplements

A lot of celebs have confirmed to using weight loss products to shed pounds quickly. Some of those supplements they have used include Pure Life Cleanse and Pure Cambogia Ultra. These are supplements known to help suppress one’s appetite and burn extra calories.

Extreme tricks

Celebs take their weight loss to extreme levels. For instance, onwoman with black pink bikinie TV celeb said how she decided to cut all the solid foods from her kitchen. You can find these extreme tricks to lose weight shared on their Facebook pages.In fact, for a whole week, she only ingested supplements and vitamins in shake and pill form.

“Being Blind”

Just think of your favorite food, something you will want to eat every day of your life. Now imagine that you cannot eat that food in front of you. Well, this sounds awful and crazy, but that is the extreme celebs go to shed weight. Others “eat” the air above their favorite food. They do so to trick their minds that they have eaten the food.