Deadpool is one of the best movies you will expect to watch this year. It is a marvel comic version with David Beckham’s joke therein. Well, it is not that funny, but at least it has the joke in the bloody scenes. This movie is quick to put across a joshing tone at the onset. Since it was released, this film has attracted numerous positive reviews. Movie estimates projected that this movie could make more than $70 million in their first week. What does this mean? It is a good movie to

This film is perfect for decent and thoughtful individuals that love action packed movies filled with many personalities. It is one of the few films that have managed to incorporate violence intelligently and ludicrous scenes of self-mockery.

About Deadpool

Deadpool 2 has been a long awaited movie for a considerable time. Avid readers and movie enthusiasts were quick to ask for its release after the book was published. Like the book, this movie is based on the life of a psychopath with a scarred face. The psychopath, Wade Wilson is a cancer survivor that was healed using a particular type of therapy. Besides healing him, this treatment left him defaced. To hide the anomaly, he dresses up in a red suit and decides to kill anyone that comes his way.


Deadpool’s plot revolves around a less conventional superhero. As the movie unfolds, Ryan Reynold one of the movie stars in this film regularly offers a series of commentaries and interesting facts coming. However, the actual plot is not the main issue, but he attributes of the main character like constant rifling, acrobatic spins as he takes on anyone that tramples on his way. Notably, what makes this movie engaging and fun to watch are the blood violent acts that are accompanied by satirizing voice overs and some wacky sight gags.

Exciting Scenes

movie rollThe initial release takes through an impressive slow motion scene. In this scene, all the action is shortly paused. The expected release will be much better. It paves a way for the mesmerizing jokes and riffs. The combination of action and the captivating voice overs is a new concept that makes this movie.

Overall, Deadpool is not just like the many movies we see today. It is a form of a meta-commentary show on superheroes accompanied by some fan culture. Besides, what makes Deadpool 2 movie fun to watch is the fact that it also presents some aspects of superhero fatigue that are usually absent in many movies. Based on the previous version, it the movie to watch.