The month of December is fast approaching. Now is the time to organize for the year-end celebrations and parties. The problem is, we are always tempted to party in the same places we were before. It’s always a good idea to bring something new and interesting to the table, isn’t it? What are the best party destinations in the world?

Let’s check out some of the best.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Dutch are known to have a great time when it comes 7i5wj6aW5Rto partying and celebrating special occasions. And this unique feature is strikingly manifested in the way people in Amsterdam celebrate or rather welcome the New Year. People often say that if you have one last resolution to make at the end of a year, then it better be spending the New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam. Such is the party gusto around New Year in Amsterdam that people from all over the world throng to this place at least once in their lifetime.

Mykonos, Greece

On numerous occasions, Greece has made it to the “must see” lists of most party lovers And, Mykonos makes it to this list as a destination with rocking nightlife and the best New Year parties. Like Ibiza in Spain, Mykonos is also nature’s delight with green, plush environments, electric blue waters, white beaches, breathtaking sunsets, easy treks, snorkeling, boat excursions and more. Add to that, great food, high-end shopping and a happening nightlife scene makes Mykonos a magnet that attracts people from all around the world.

Las Vegas, USA

musicDoes Las Vegas need any introduction? Las Vegas tops almost everyone’s bucket list of a ”must see” destination when visiting the USA. Las Vegas is every party-goers paradise. Casinos standing tall shoulder-to-shoulder, exquisite performances and shows, sky-lighting fireworks, world’s A-list entertainers, party fever that rises with every heartbeat – everything about Vegas is like living life kingsize!

On New Year’s Eve, the whole of Vegas becomes one giant disco floor, with people grooving to the latest chartbusters on the streets itself. There’s fine dining, fine drinking, and fine dancing. Las Vegas is also particularly famous for the wide array of strip clubs, catering to every style of tastes. And on New Year’s Eve the place is buzzing with A-list celebs and performers, entertaining the audiences with their signature performances.

With all the glitz and glamor, no wonder Las Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the World. Are you ready for Sin City?

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Think of Brazil and the one picture that illuminates in the mind is the colorful, vibrant carnivals
that parade the streets. Huge mannequins, big balloons suspended in the sky, sequined bikini-clad women, with flamboyant feathers on the head, acrobatic men, and massive parades following each other, with a crazy lot of onlookers cheering from the sides.

For New Years, you can multiply the atmosphere of the carnival with ten times more zest and exuberance, especially in Rio De Janeiro. Rio gets an astounding figure of 2 million travelers on an average in a year with a major blip during New Years and the Carnival period in February. Now, if a question like “What are the best party destinations in the world” pops into your mind, you have the answers. Happy partying!