Traditionally for you to watch a movie you had to visit a movie cinema or procure a DVD with the movie you want. This is pretty expensive if you watch a two or three movies a week. There was no option before. So, you had to par with the money to watch movies. With the inception of the internet came opportunities to make almost all services easy and cost efficient. One of such services is watching movies online using Showbox app. The cost of watching a movie has been reduced significantly. In fact, with Showbox, you watch movies for free.

What is Showbox android app?

Showbox is an android app for movies. Twoman holding phone he app is available on its site. The app is not available on google play. If you want to install it, you will have to visit their site to download it. The app is available for free. There are also no subscription or registration when using the app.

No Limitation

There is no limitation on the number of movies you can watch on Showbox for free. The site has a huge directory of movies, which can be accessed by anyone for free. On Showbox, you can access even the newest movies that you cannot get in movie stores and cinemas. The movies are available in plenty from all genres. You can surely get the movie you ate looking for and watch it with Show box.

Ease of use

Anyone can use this application. As long as you can type with your tablet or smartphone you can use this application to watch movies. You don’t have to be techy savvy since getting the movie you want is as easy as typing the title of the movie.


The application is used in mobile phones and tablets. This means flexibility. You can watch your movies from anywhere as long as you can access the internet. If you android as tv remotehave some free time every lunch time at work, you can use the time to watch your favorite movie. You can watch all the movies you like from anywhere as long as you have the internet.

Free HD movies

All movies in Showbox are HD in quality. Even the latest movies, which have poor quality in the market are very good in Showbox. All the movies in Showbox are available for free. As mentioned earlier on, this is a free app. Downloading installing and using is free of charge